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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Gay Dictionary

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Lace Curtains - Refers to the foreskin.

Laddie or Lassie - A term used to identify children with gay parents. The term began with a negative connotation assuming that the child would also be gay or lesbian. It has been reclaimed as an affectionate term and a way of children being able to 'code' or identify each other in public.

Lavender Law - Legal issues, practice and study pertaining to the gay and lesbian community.

Leg Licker - A term used to denote a lesbian.

Lesbian - A gay woman. The ancient Greek poet Sappho lived on the island of Lesbos. As Sappho became known for her poems celebrating love between women, the term lesbian changed its primary meaning from "one who lives on Lesbos" to "a woman like Sappho and her followers."

Lesbian Death Bed - The lack of sex that may occur when lesbians are in a long term relationship.

Library - An adult bookstore.

Lick-Box - A gay man. Term used in the early 1900's.

Lilies of the Valley - Hemorrhoids.

Lipstick Lesbian - An effeminate lesbian.

Lollipop Stop - A highway rest stop used by gay men for cruising.

Luppies - Lesbian urban professionals, or lesbian yuppies.

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