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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Gay Dictionary

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Gay - Homosexual. In the seventeenth century, gay expanded from its earlier meaning of cheerful and came also to refer to men with a reputation for being playboys.

Gay As Pink Ink - A mid -1900's term for an overtly obvious homosexual.

Gaydar - The uncanny sensory perception that lesbians and gays have of detecting other gay people in their midst. Also known a dating website for gay men at

Gay Godess - Another term for Fag Hags. Heterosexual women who socialize extensively with gay men.

Get Nut - To have sex; to orgasm; to ejaculate.

Glory Hole - A hole carved in the partition between stalls in a men's room, and used for sexual liaisons.

Golden Shower - The act of urinating on a partner.

Government-Inspected Meat - A gay man in the armed forces.

Granola Lesbian - A wholesome, health-conscious lesbian. Sometimes referred to as Crunchy Dyke.

Greek - To engage in anal intercourse. In its more common usage as an adjective, the term refers to a preference for anal sex.

Grrl - A lesbian who's too old to be a baby dyke, but still fairly young
and is usually a soft butch.

Guppies - Gay urban professionals, or gay yuppies.

Gym Bunny - A gay man who spends an obsessive amount of time in the gym working on sculpting his body (not for health reasons) only to show it off in a club or on the beach.

Gynaeotrope - A lesbian. Kurt Hiller suggested this term in 1946 (and androtrope for a gay male), because of what he considered the negative connotations of "homosexual." Neither term caught on.

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