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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Gay Dictionary

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B&D - Bondage and Discipline. A milder form of S & M which involves one partner being at least constrained.

Baby Dyke - A young or inexperienced lesbian, particularly of high school or college age.

Bareback - The practice of having anal sex without using a barrier method of a condom. As in skin-to-skin sex or raw sex.

Basket - A man's crotch.

Bear - An extremely hairy man.

Beef - Buffed men.

Blue - Gay, referring mostly to males.

Blue Balls - Term used to describe an extremely horney male.

Bog Queen - A gay man who frequents public toilets for sex.

Bottom - The passive or submissive partner in anal intercourse.

Breeders - A derogatory term for heterosexuals, especially for those who glorify childbearing.

Brown Eye - A derogatory term for the anus.

Bungie Boy - Straight-acting, but gay or bi-boy.

Bunker Shy - A young man who fears being forced into homosexual sex. Derivation from a 19th century prison term.

Butch - Masculine.

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