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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Gay Dictionary

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Day Without Art - Started in 1989 in New York City, and now practiced around the world, December 1st, is when many institutions, museums, galleries and web sites either close their doors, drape works of art, blacken web sites, or offer special programs in memory of those who have died of AIDS. Held on World AIDS Day.

Dom/Sub - Dominant/Submissive. Not interchangeable with top/bottom.

Drag - Dressed in a way usually identified with the opposite sex.

Drag King- A woman dressed like a man.

Drag Queen - A man who dresses like a woman.

Drag Show - A performance by female impersonators.

Dutch Boy - Men, gay or straight, who like to hang around dykes.

Dyke - A lesbian. The term derives from the nineteenth-century slang word dike, which referred to male clothing, and when it was first used to refer to women, it carried a derogatory connotation of masculine appearance or behavior.

Dyke Bite - Refers to a straight woman using lesbianism as a feminist argument or a way or insulting men.

Dykes on Spikes - Lesbian softball players.

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