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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Gay Dictionary

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Fag Hag - A heterosexual woman who socializes extensively with gay men.

Faggot (also Fag) - A male homosexual. Like dyke, this term was originally used as an epithet, but has been adopted by many of the people to whom it refers. There is no general agreement about the origin of the term.

Fairy - A male homosexual, especially one who acts or dresses in an effeminate manner. This was a common derogatory term for homosexuals during much of the twentieth century. Like dyke and faggot, it has been reclaimed by gay people.

Fairy Lady - Term used in the mid-1900's for a lesbian bottom.

Family - Meaning being part of the lesbian and gay community. As in, "He's a member of the family. He's gay."

Feigele - A Yiddish term for gay that is derived from the word bird.

Fem Fatale - A queeny queen

Femme - A lesbian or gay man who acts and dresses effeminately.

Finger Fuck - The insertion of all or most of the hand into the vagina or the anus.

Fist - To insert part or all of one's hand into the anus or vagina of a sex

Flit - Derogatory term for Homosexual. Term used in the "Catcher
in the Rye" by JD Salinger.

Fluffy - Term used by lesbians. Meaning- a woman is turned on. In gay male leather circles, this meant term is meant for someone who isn't into the dress code.
Derives from the description of someone who wears bulky or "fluffy" sweaters. A putdown from a leather man might be: "You look awfully fluffy tonight."

French Embassy - Any location, especially a gym or Y, where gay sex is readily available.

Friend of Dorothy's - Referred to as being gay. This term has roots from Judy Garland, whose musical ability and tragic life story were so popular with gay audiences and of course from, "The Wizard of Oz", the classic musical.

Frig - Sex between two women, often involving one rubbing the genitals of the other with her fingers; probably derived from friction.

Front Marriage - A marriage between a lesbian and gay man in order to
"pass" at work and/or with family.

Fruit Flies - Another term for Fag Hags. Heterosexual women who socialize extensively with gay men.

Fudgepot - Used in reference to the anus and in rimming.

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