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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Gay Dictionary

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Packing - A lesbian (often butch) who wears an addition such as rolled up socks or dildo in her pants crotch area.

Pancake - A 1950's term among African-American lesbians to denote a butch who allowed herself to be flipped - from "top" to "bottom".

Pansy - An effeminate gay man, usually used derogatorily. The term has been in use at least since the 1920's.

Pickle chugger/Pickle chugging - Oral sex.

Poly - Polygamous. Open to or preferring to have two or more partners at once.

Poof - A gay man. This word generally derogatory, is common in Australia and England. Sometimes also poofter.

Potato Queen - (Asian) guys preferring white men.

Princeton Rub - Intercourse between two men in which one's penis rubs between the other's thigh, or between the two men's abdomens.

Pussy Quivers - a warm, pleasant tingling and/or twitching sensation in the anus anticipatory to being fucked.

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