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Your Gay Question?

As the title implies, this is where you can ask the world your gay question...

POST questions in the comment box below with a brief explanation. 

Your question will be posted as the HOT topic of discussion for readers to comment on. You will have at least one whole day before another article is posted, which means you're question will be FRONT PAGE material for at least 24 HOURS.

Name: [Can be anonymous]
Brief Detail:

1 comment:

  1. Name: Billy
    Country: USA
    Age: 18
    Hi I'm Billy and I'm 18. I think your blog is hilarious and a lot of fun to read and you havea cute photo but you haven't written anything about coming out. I haven't come out yet and it's my last year in High School. I want to come out and want to tell this guy in school that I like him but I'm scared. I might wait until college. My parents will hate me if they find out. Can you help?